One of most interesting spots in Vilnius is Boutique Privilege. It is a small shop which specializes in elite and fashionable items such as handmade jewellery, accessories and clothing. All handmade things, which you can find here, are unique and show that handmade things are much more original than any old thing which you can find in other shops.

We absolutely sure, that Boutique Privilege is the best place in Vilnius, where you can find a lot of handmade things for low prices. Boutique Privilege ensures that all things are authentic and gives you a certificate. Enjoy original handmade jewellery and clothing!

Boutique Privilege was founded in 2011 by Anna D. Mangirdiene. She is not just an owner of the boutique, but she also creates a lot of original jewellery. She plays with natural stones, wire and creates fashionable yet never-seen-before items. Moreover, Anna creates a lot of original clothing.

At Boutique Privilege men can also shop for accessories. Jewellery creator Arnoldas Mazeika also known as Lithuanian boxer champion, creates bracelets, original watches and accessories from leather.